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We regret to inform you that DollarsDirect will no longer be operating as of December 31st, 2016.
We genuinely thank you for being a valued DollarsDirect customer over the years.

DollarsDirect Recommends That Its Customers Remember the Following and Borrow Responsibly:

Borrow what you need.

Take stock of your finances before you apply for a payday loan online. You may have additional resources you can tap to reduce the amount of cash you need to borrow. If you have a credit card with a low balance or a savings account with some money saved up, work with those options first. You can always supplement the rest of your need with a payday loan.

Pay your loan in full.

You might be tempted with rollovers and installment plans, but these payment options can hurt you in the long run. If you have the money to pay off your loan in full now, do it. Paying off a payday loan in full can reduce your interest rate and gives you the peace of mind of not having to make a number of installment payments to get out of debt.

Understand the contract.

Reserve your payday loan use for emergencies, and set up a savings account for vacations, a new computer, or other purchases that aren’t living essentials.

Be responsible.

Treat your payday loan as responsibly as any other credit product to reduce your debt and improve your credit score. Only use payday loans as a short-term solution for immediate financial emergencies.

Make a budget before you borrow money.

When you can get a cash loan quick, it can be very tempting to borrow more than you really need. This practice may create a cash flow problem when your next pay period rolls around. Before you borrow, make a budget.

[1]Approval subject to DollarsDirect's lending criteria. Approved customers will have a credit limit of $2,425, which includes a $400 establishment fee. Customers who use a discount or promo code will have the establishment fee (and credit limit) reduced by the amount of the discount. In all cases, the amount available to you to draw will be $2,025. [2]Most customers who bank with ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB, St. George or Westpac, and are approved by 2:30pm Sydney time Monday – Friday (excluding holidays), will be funded the same business day. All other approved applications will be funded the next business day. [3]DollarsDirect will consider your loan application regardless of your credit history. If you have defaulted on past transactions, you may be declined for a loan. [4]Some customers may only have one repayment option. [5] Most customers will not have to draw the entire amount available to them initially. However, some customers will be required to draw the entire amount on the date of initial funding. [6]Loan terms vary based upon your application information and your pay frequency. [7]You may cancel your loan within 24 business hours of initial funding by calling us at 1 800 060 892 and we will only debit your account for the principal amount we deposited. There will be no additional charges or fees. 24-hour cancellation option does not apply to refinanced loans. [8]Loan must be in good standing and adjustment requested at least 2 business days before the current due date.